Have A Septic Tank? Maintenance Tips To Keep It Running Properly

Posted on: 8 September 2018


It's quite easy to understand the importance of maintaining the very visible appliances in your home. You know to wipe down your stove and refrigerator on a regular basis and can tell right away when your washing machine or dryer isn't working as it should. However, if you have a septic system the septic tank is most likely buried away from view. Because you can't see it each day, you might have forgotten how essential it is to keep it in the proper shape. Don't wait until a major septic system problem disrupts your household. Follow these maintenance tips if you want your septic tank to keep on ticking.

Schedule An Annual Septic Tank Inspection

It's a good practice to set some things in place at the very beginning of the year. One of these activities should be to set an appointment to have your septic tank cleaned out at some point during the upcoming months. Doing this at the very start of the year means that even if you get extremely busy at some point, the date will already be set in stone. 

Your septic tank takes quite a beating. All of the wastewater from your household pours into the septic tank, where it is naturally sanitized and disposed of in the drain field. Because this process is done without any help from an electronic source, it's almost inevitable that there will be residue left behind. If the residue is allowed to build up, it becomes a sludge that can gather on the floor and walls of your tank.  This creates a clogged-up situation that blocks the way for the wastewater that's trying to get into the device. Let a septic tank professional take a look at your septic tank. They can repair any small cracks that might have formed, and if there is buildup, they can take care of that too.

Be Mindful Of What Goes Down Your Drains

Make sure that anything you flush down the toilet or wash down the sink is biodegradable. Thick objects that can be flushed might eventually either get stuck in the tank or block the pipes, causing a serious clog that takes a lot to get rid of. 

Caring for your septic tank keeps you from having to shell out the big bucks for a replacement. Start today, and your tank should work as it should for a long time. For more information, contact a company like Chuck Keene Septic Tank Pumping Service.