Three Tech Improvements for Septic Systems to Give You a Greener Home with Fewer Problems

Posted on: 16 January 2017


Technology is found everywhere in modern homes. Tech improvements will even help to reduce problems with septic systems. Adding an alarm will give you a way to know when there is a problem with your tank. In addition to an alarm, there are also monitoring and distribution solutions that will help make your septic system work more efficiently. Here are some technology improvements that will make your septic system greener and reduce problems: 

1. Better Breakdown of Solids with Bacteria Generation System

The bacteria in your septic tank is what breaks down the waste before the liquid goes to the drainage field. Poor bacteria levels will cause the solids to build up, and your tank will eventually become full. Today, there are special bacteria generation systems that are used to improve the bacteria levels in septic tanks, which improves the breakdown of solids and reduces the chances of solid waste causing problems.

2. Alarm and Tank Monitoring to Catch Problems Before They Get Bigger

Monitoring your tank is important to catch problems before they lead to costly repairs. One of the costliest problems is when solids back up into plumbing or the drainage field. To prevent a problem from going unnoticed, an alarm can be installed to alert you when the level in the tank has risen. This will tell you when there is a problem by monitoring the levels of the tank and sounding an alarm that makes a high-pitched beeping sound when there is a problem. This is a simple improvement that a septic system installation service can do for your and it will save you from those costly repairs.

3. Distribution and Drain Field Improvements That Filter Waste Better

Distribution of the effluent or liquid waste is important. It is distributed through a series of drain tiles that leach the liquids into the ground soils. The drainage system can be improved with a distribution box that evenly spreads waste across the drain field. In addition, modern improvements like chambered drain tiles with filtration membranes will help improve the filtration of waste and prevent contamination of ground water supplies.

These are some tech improvements for septic systems that are environmentally friendly and reduce the cost of repairs. Contact a septic service like Gotta Go Green to get help with some of these improvements to make your septic system greener and modern. With a little technology, your septic system will be less likely to fail and need costly repairs.