3 Septic Tank Maintenance Tips That Can Prevent Damage Or Clogging

Posted on: 3 June 2016


Caring for a septic tank properly is absolutely vital when it comes to keeping your tank in working order and to avoiding the many problems and damages that a septic tank can cause when it becomes damaged of clogged. When these tanks break or clog, it is quite common for sewage and waste to back up into the house via the drains or to flood the portion of your yard where the tank is buried. Listed below are three septic maintenance tips that can help you avoid those issues.


One of the most important parts of your septic tank is the bacteria that resides in the tank itself. These bacteria are responsible for breaking down all of the waste that enters the tank quickly so that you tank does not fill up completely.

However, these bacteria can often be quite hard to keep in place as repeatedly flushing water down your drains can wash them out of the tank. In addition, some cleaners, such as bleach, can destroy the bacteria once they are poured into a drain. 

Thankfully, you can replace your good bacteria by utilizing an enzyme additive. These additives are designed to be poured down your drains and contain a mixture of beneficial bacteria and enzymes to help replenish the bacteria in the tank.

Septic-Safe Products

Another important part of keeping your septic tank undamaged and clog-free is to try to only flush products down your drains that the bacteria in the septic tank can break down fairly quickly. An easy way to do this is to look for products at your local store that have been labeled as being safe for septic systems. For example, you will want to consider using septic-safe toilet paper as it will break down much faster than traditional toilet paper, which can keep your tank from becoming overly full. 

There are a wide array of septic-safe products to consider, such as cat litter and household cleaners. In particular, you will want to consider switching over to septic-safe dish detergent or laundry soap so that you can prevent anti-bacterial compounds from wiping out the helpful bacteria in your septic tank. 


Finally, you will definitely want to keep trees from being planted in areas near your septic tank, mostly due to complications that can arise from the root system of those trees. Tree roots will often seek out and grow towards rich sources of nutrients, such as your sewage and waste. If a tree is planted in the area near where the septic tank is buried, the tree roots can actually find openings in the septic tanks drainage system or pipes and clog the tank completely.

Contact a septic tank maintenance service in order to discuss what tips they would recommend for keeping your septic tank in good repair. You can help prevent clogging and damage to your septic system by using enzyme additives to replenish septic tank bacteria and septic-safe household products to keep the tank from becoming full quickly. In addition, keeping trees from being planted near the tank can help protect the tank from damage from the tree roots.

For more information, contact a company like SOS Septic Inc.