3 Mistakes You May Be Making Which Could Ruin Your Septic System

Posted on: 8 October 2015


Keeping your septic system is good shape is vital to the functioning of your home. However, there may be things that you're doing which could ruin your system and you aren't aware of them. Here are just some of the mistakes you might be making.

Never Pumping Your Septic Tank

If you have never had one before, you may not even know that you need to have your septic tank pumped until sewage starts backing up into your house. Over time, the solids in your tank accumulate. Too many solids may cause sewage to back up into your bathrooms and kitchen, as there is simply no more room in the tank.

It is usually a good idea to have your septic tank pumped by a professional about every 3 years to keep it in good working condition. If you have a garbage disposal that you use on a regular basis, you should have it pumped more often because you are sending more solids to the tank.

When the tank is pumped, a good residential septic tank cleaning contractor will also make sure that your tank is intact and has no signs of damage.

Using Powder Detergents

You might not imagine that washing your clothing can cause problems for the septic system. However, it is important to note that many powder detergents contain different kinds of clay that can clog lines. To avoid problems, stick with liquid detergent.

Putting Oil and Grease Down the Drain

If you're the one in your family tasked with cleaning the dishes on a regular basis, you are bound to have to contend with pans and dishes that contain bacon grease, olive oil and other types of grease and oil. In an effort to hurry the cleaning process, you might just pour these substances down the drain.

However, it is imperative to remember that, while oils and grease are thin when they are warm, as they cool they solidify. Having these solids in your septic lines can make drains run more slowly or clog them altogether, especially if you are pouring oil and grease down your kitchen drain on a regular basis.

Instead, keep a glass jar near your sink and pour these substances into that jar. When the jar is filled, cap it and throw it out with your regular kitchen trash.

If you can stop making the mistakes in this article, you can extend the life of your entire septic system. Consult a professional contractor for more suggestions about keeping your system working well.