How To Improve A Portable Restroom

Posted on: 21 September 2015


If you are having a festival, playing host to construction workers, or simply creating extra restrooms for workers or students to use, chances are good that you are not going to be able to afford the most expensive trailer restrooms. Your budget will only allow for you to rent a few portable restrooms, or portable potties. Here are some ways to improve everyone's experience in the portable restroom and keep up morale.

1. Use Deodorizers

The easiest way to make sure that your portable restrooms are acceptable is to use deodorizers. You can either purchase a small, stand-alone kit that you can set up in the corner that is designed to suck in any particles that are causing the room to smell and storing them for disposal later, or you can purchase chemicals that you can dump into the portable restroom's toilet to keep everything stored in there from smelling. Regardless of what you choose, you are going to want to go with a deodorizer that neutralizes the smell, rather than masks it with a stronger scent. Nobody likes the smell of human waste and raspberries or lilacs. It's off-putting and can make the situation worse.

2. Include Hand Sanitizer or a Hand-Washing Station

Next, you are going to want to include hand sanitizer or a hand-washing station. This can be as simple as renting a single sink to go with two or three portable toilets and making sure that you put a large hand sanitizer dispenser in each portable restroom. This gives your guests the option of simply using sanitizer or washing their hands fully.

3. Place the Portable Restrooms Downwind

Place the portable restrooms so that they are downwind from the festival or construction site. This will help ensure that you do not bother guests with the odor of the portable restroom and will allow people walking back from the portable restrooms to experience the smell of the construction site, usually sawdust, or the smell of the festival, usually fried foods to serenade them when they return.

4. Decorate

Finally, don't be afraid to lay fairy lights over your portable restrooms, add fun posters and signs to the door, or even just add hanging decorations to the walls. This will help your portable restrooms feel more like home and more like they are part of the festival or construction site's good humor.

Talk to your portable restroom company, such as Chavis Enterprises LLC, to see what other accessories you can rent.